Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wow! Almost a year...

I can't believe it's been almost a year since my last blog. I signed in this morning and saw that the last posting that I made was titled, "That Holly Jolly Time Of Year". And once again our society is gearing up for it.

For those of you that don't know, I'm back in school now. I'm attending West Virginia University at Parkersburg. I have a double major. I'm in the Computer Science and the Applied Technology programs. So far it's been lots of fun and very interesting. I look forward to learning more each day.

Due to my time constraints and my new class schedule, I've decided to start posting my essays that I write for my composition class to my blog. I hope you enjoy them. They are just as creative and straight from my mind and heart as my former blog writings have been. Here is the first of many. Enjoy. (This first is a work of fiction. I was having trouble thinking of a real situation and the professor said that she wouldn't mind if we created a fictional piece.)

If you could ask on question of a relative who is no longer living, what would it be and of whom would you ask it?

What was it like to fight and die that day? Great-great grandfather was your cause worth it? That day in Gettysburg was a bloody, murderous day. Soldiers, grey and blue, bodies as far as the eye could see. The choking smoke from the rifle and cannon fire filling the air, your lungs, stinging your eyes as you searched for your next victim and avoided becoming a victim yourself.

Was there fear in your heart? Stone cold fear that wrapped you in its clutches and attempted to immobilize you? Was it a fear that made you wish that you had never begun your march to this little patch of hell on earth?

Maybe it was pride… Possibly pride to be fighting for a cause that you so earnestly believed in that you cared not for the situation of the moment, only the glorious victory of the cause. Was it pride in your country, your family, your fellow countryman, yourself?

So, tell me great-great grandfather, was your cause worth it?

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