Friday, February 29, 2008

More syncing than your plumber can handle

Just unveiled today, new syncing software that promises to not only sync your contacts, calendar, and email with your PC, phone, and other digital devices, but also your music, picture, videos and so on. It's called Sync Wizard and is the brain child of's Michael Robertson. A Windows and Mac OS X version are currently available with a Linux version (be patient my fellow Ubuntu users) in the works.
There has been a problem with syncing of your Windows Mobile phones with Linux. It just doesn't want to work unless you jump through a bunch of hoops, dance the watoosy, and chant a couple of times over your phone. Yeah, I've had problems with it. This new service promises to work by placing all of your information in a "cloud" to be pulled down when you need it and where you need it.
I'll keep you all updated on how this turns out. It would be so convenient to put a birthday in one calendar and be able to pull it up or be reminded by any calendaring device that I choose. It never did make much since to me to have to remind myself to go get my reminders.
Until next time, God bless ya, and have a great day!

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