Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Moto Q

I'm a firm believer that for technology to be useful it has to integrate into a person's life seamlessly. That means the learning curve to use a new product has to be very minimal when switching from the previous product. The Motorola Q has done this.
Those of you that know me know that I love tech and will sit down and learn all that there is to learn about a new product when I get my hands on it. With this in mind I realize that my experience with new tech is not the average consumer's experience with tech. The average consumer wants a product that just works, right out of the box. No fancy tech jargon to learn and no commands that have to be remembered.
The Moto Q has served to this end. The layout of the Windows Mobile is slick with easy access first to contacts and then with the familiar Windows Start button to access all the other features of the telephone. It has a crisp bright display with well designed icons that point the user to what they are looking for.
The camera included on the phone works great for getting pictures on the go. If you're into digital photography you'll want something better but if you're looking for an all in one piece of equipment to grab a few photos for a blog or a standby when you forgot your camera on the way to the party, it works great.
Depending on your signal strength (which is sometimes a problem here in West Virginia) the internet browser works fine. It's really handy for getting news on the go or just some entertaining reading on your lunch break.
Email can be set up with the phone so that you can check your office or personal email through a IMAP or POP3 server. If you do very much roaming where you might get charged for internet access you can set the phone to only check your email when you manually tell it to do so. Otherwise you can set it to check once to several times a day or hour.
To my surprise it has a built in PDF viewer. This function is really handy for viewing office documents on the go. Transfer them to your phone via USB, bluetooth, or infrared port and you're set to go.
The only con that I find with my Moto Q is that every other day or so the OS needs rebooted. This isn't a phone flaw, but instead a bug that needs to worked out with the Windows Mobile operating system. If I want to turn my phone off it should be my decision and not because my phone won't work if I don't.
So, there you have it. A nice sleek smartphone ready for use by the road warrior.

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