Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Working against my will.

We are forced to work in this country not because we enjoy it but for the betterment of society in general. If indeed that is true then why doesn't everybody work? With what greed do those slackers look upon the working class with? We often point to CEO's as the big paid evil guy behind the desk. Is that necessarily true. After all he did have to at least put forth the effort to show he could run a company. There is an education that occurred someplace. Consider the guy that sits on his butt sucking money off of the hard working average joe and making his "baby momma" even more so to grease the path of the continual income. Who is the evil one here? I'm not a heartless individual. I have been down and out and have benefitted from government assistance programs and the charity of friends. But by golly when I could get back on my feet I jumped at the chance and worked. If this country isn't going to take this kind of attitude then we will always have people that abuse our system and make it harder on those that want to try to earn a living. How much of my taxes are spent on the welfare system? Quite a bit. I know tax dollars are spent on other things as well but those are things we need like roads, military, government (although less of that would be nice), and education. Those are items I totally support. What I don't like working hours of my life away for is your cousin Mel with 8 kids in the trailer park that swears, "I can't find no job no matter where I dun looked." Come on folks! I have trouble hiring for a simple driving position. No skills except driving a pick-up truck are required. People want to complain, not work. Now we are faced with a new issue, Obama Care. Why I have to pay for non-working Americans to afford to go get their meds is beyond me. Here's a thought, if they worked maybe they'd be in better shape physically and have less illness to have to see the doctor about. I know that's not always the case and special cases deserve special attention. There is no reason why my taxes should go up, my premiums go up, the cost of my prescriptions go up, and your cousin Mel now has cholesterol medicine to take care of all the cheeseburgers he eats... In the paraphrased words of Batman's The Joker, "This country needs an enima!"

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