Friday, September 08, 2006

Ye old ways explored

Hello everyone. Welcome back. I've been up to a lot of stuff over the last week that I want to write about and, yes, I have pictures.

Last Saturday and Sunday Ari and Cassie were on Blennerhassett Island making apple butter for 4-H. They had a blast playing softball and soccer in between their turn to stir. That was a totally new experience for them because they had never been around real old fashion apple butter making before.

I was able to do some exploring while they were playing and stirring. It's a beautiful place they have on the island. If you've never been there before I would highly recommend a trip. It's well worth it. What really impressed me were the historically famous people that had been on the island before. There were a great deal of them. You should be able to find out more about them at the official Blennerhassett Island website.

After we finished up on the island on Sunday, Kelly and and I decided to go for a drive. We headed east on route 50. We thought that the leaves in the mountains might be changing by now with the difference in temperatures and everything, but we were wrong. Anyways our little trip still proved interesting.

Sunday evening we made a quick rest stop at Cool Springs on our way to Romney. We stopped back by Cool Springs on Monday because there wasn't enough light to see anything outside by the time we made it there. When we got to Romney we decided to call it a night and stayed in a little motel there. The next morning we continued east on route 50. When we reached Winchester, Virginia we found a visitors center where the guides informed us that we were not very far from Harpers Ferry. And that's where we went.

It was awesome! I think everybody had fun. We learned a lot about John Brown and the town's role in the Civil War. The views were spectacular. Never had I been in a town that looked so much like it belonged there. It was almost as if the town had always been there along with the hills, trees, rivers, and rocks. It's a town that inspires the longing for yesterday while helping us to appreciate our future all the more. Just when you think you've seen what there is to see you have something new before you whether it's the point, the foot bridge leading across the Potomac or the view from Jefferson's rock. It was spectacular.

On our way back we made a few stops like Saddle Back Mountain, Cool Springs, and a spring along route 50 that we found out isn't working anymore. We arrived back home late Monday night. I think everybody could have used one more day to recuperate before returning to work and school on Tuesday.

I began reading a new book this week on spiritual warfare that is really opening my eyes up to things around me. We as humans often blame things we don't understand on natural things such as attitudes, physical ailments, and psychological ailments. What most don't ever grasp is that there is a spiritual realm with real creatures, real battles, and real results. I'll be talking more about spiritual warfare in the blog in the coming days and weeks.

Tuesday morning I made kraut with the three heads of cabbage that I had in the garden. It now has to sit in the crock until the 26th of this month. I had never had homemade kraut until a few years ago when Kelly's dad gave me some to try. I loved it and have been making or helping make it ever since. If all you've ever had is the store bought kind then you are really missing out. Homemade is great deal different than what they sell on the store shelf.

I attended a union meeting last night. Pat called in a favor and asked me if I would go so I agreed. It wasn't anything great and everything that they went over I already had heard at one point in time or another. I did think that it was funny when they first was kicked out of the Ellenboro Fire Dept. then the Silver Star Restaurant. Apparently the people in both of those places don't care much for the union. The meeting was finally help in the parking lot for Rails-to-Trails next to the overpass at Ellenboro. Even with all the meeting place swapping it didn't take long for the ant-union protesters to find the meeting. The stood out at the roadside with their signs trying to get every care that passed by to honk on their horn. By the way, I still don't like either side and I still don't want the union to come in.

Well, it's Friday so I only have one more night to work. I think this weekend I am going to try to get as much stuff caught up on around here as I can. I have gutters to clean, a chimney to sweep, wood to split, and a thousand and one other things that I could do. I'm not really sure how much of it will get done but I'm going to put my best foot forward.

Until next time I hope you all have a positive day and remember that God loves you no matter how much of a scoundrel you've been or think you've been today.

Oh, my something to think about quote this time relates to this whole union mess at Simonton Windows. I have found out that every time you tell somebody that you are undecided they will try to make you decide or if you tell them that you are not of the same thinking that you are they will try to persuade you into thinking with their same train of thought. It's also been said like this:

The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it. - Terry Pratchett
P.S. I ran into a problem trying to upload the pictures from the island and the trip. I'll try to get them on here with the next blog. Sorry about that.

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