Sunday, November 04, 2007

RIAA Listen up!

Everybody that didn't change your clocks at 2AM this morning, go and fall back an hour now. LOL

Here's another of my essays that I wrote for my composition class. I really hope that somebody in the RIAA sees this. Maybe it will spark a thought (Lord knows they need one).

If you could give a single piece of advice to the film or music industry, what would it be?”

My single piece of advice to the film and music industry is to learn to cope with the transfer of online media. In recent years the music and film industry has tried to stifle the transfer of files on the internet that contain copyrighted materials. They have not had much success in this area. The free exchange continues to exist despite the legislation, court rulings, and even commercials from artists that beg for the ceasing of the online transfer of copyrighted materials.

Many years ago with the invention of the VCR the film industry had a similar outcry to the world. They expected movie ticket sales to drop and video sales to be near non-existent due to the ability to copy and record whatever video you wished for later playback. This fear proved to be unfounded. The movie industry, at that point in time, did learn to cope. People enjoyed going to theatres to watch movies so the VCR did not end this trend nor did it stop the purchasing of copyrighted materials.

I have no solution for the problem. If the film and music industry is worried about the destruction of their business because of online file sharing then it may be time to reconsider their current business model. Artists have not always depended on the purchase of their recorded works to support themselves. There are ways to both support the artists and actors and have free distribution of there works. The problem with that is there is not a lot of money in it for executives. There has to be a solution. There has been and will be no stopping the traffic.

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