Thursday, January 31, 2008

The good ol' days

It's funny how watching a movie can bring back memories. I just finished watching Ghostbusters for the (what seems like) millionth time. As far as movies go, it didn't go down in history as one of the all time greatest movies or anything of that nature, but it was a good one. It's one of those movies that when I watch I always think back to the time when I first saw it.
The movies I watched at the theater in my childhood I could probably count on one hand. My family wasn't the movie theater type. We usually couldn't afford it and my parents didn't care for the theater because they were smokers. It was really a special treat when we got to go.
There was something magical about seeing that movie on that giant screen with that great sound. It made it seem real. Not the events in the movie but real as in, "this is a real movie". To put it into perspective we would return home to a small black and white television set (at that time) picking up a few stations out of Clarksburg, WV (if we were lucky).
Rumors have been flying for the last 20 years about another Ghostbusters movie but as of yet nothing has been filmed. Akroyd went as far as writing a script for it and due to Murray's refusal to appear on screen again serious consideration was given to a CGI project with voice overs from the original cast. That hasn't went anywhere.
Maybe they'll finally get together for a new generation. I certainly hope so. Ghostbusters will always hold a special place in my reminiscence. Who knew the top selling comedy of the 80's would become the stuff of fond childhood memories...

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