Sunday, February 10, 2008

God watches over us

Well, last week, thankfully God was watching over us. I have a few trees on the bank behind my house to help hold the bank in place where it had to be cut into when leveling out for the new house. Over the last couple of weeks the winds have just been really whipping across this hilltop helping the road earn it's name, Windy Bush.
My wife woke early one morning to find that one of the the trees, one of the bigger trees, had toppled due to the wind. If it had fallen in the opposite direction it would have come crashing down onto the house, into the family room, and into my stepdaughter's bedrooms. Thank God, it didn't.
We had a high old time at 4:30AM cleaning up branches and tree debris out of the road. My brother-in-law was on his way to work and brought his chainsaw up to help out. So, it was me, my wife, and him dutifully cleaning a patch through the carnage of what once was one of the fine sentinel standing guard over our little house.

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