Thursday, August 14, 2008

A country invaded.

It seems that Georgia is not the only country that has been invaded lately. We are getting in on the act ourselves. Our border security to the south is so weak that a patrol of the Mexican army came across the US/Mexico border and accosted a US border patrol officer.
How can we allow this kind of action to continue? We have illegal immigrants STILL pouring across our border with Mexico and nobody seems to care. That's not the popular topic of the moment. It's turned to the economy and the environment. I think it's a shame that the media can drive the attention of the US down one road and then say, "Look over there" and suddenly one thing is replaced with whatever they want to feed us.
WAKE UP PEOPLE! We have weak borders, a weak economy, and a weak infrastructure. We once had a civil war in which the north won because the south exhibited many of these qualities. Who will it be next? Will the middle east take our country through an economic war? Will we suffer as a country to the point that our neighbors to the south have the ability to invade? Will Russia stop with Georgia, and if not what will we do about it?
Most people don't realize just how much of our national debt is owed to foreign country's that are getting a little hesitant about holding so many weak US dollars. What is it going to mean to this country if they suddenly start cashing in?
There are a lot of things happening on this little planet of ours. It's not all about the presidential election, gas prices, Russia and Georgia, and Paris Hilton's little ad. If you follow the mainstream media you will get just what they want to spoon feed you. I challenge you to think outside of the box. Explore beyond what they would have you to learn and believe.
And for those of you that have had your heads buried in the sand and have no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned a Paris Hilton ad, well here it is.
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