Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Obama's dirty little secret

Recently Gen. Stanley McChrystal was criticized for leaking his recommendations for tens of thousands of troops being sent to Afghanistan and for telling the press that vice-president Biden's alternative plan was a "no go". The reason was given in an interview Monday with PBS, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said McChrystal's "recommendations to the president should go up the line of command. They shouldn't be in press conferences."

It's beginning to look like Obama's policy of truthfulness and open communication was just a lie with the events that have taken place in his short administration. Czar after czar is appointed and then we find that they have problems in their backgrounds that would have prevented them from being cleared by confirmation committees, we can't get straight answers on what is really going on in Afghanistan now, nobody knows what the real plan is with Guantanamo and finally does anybody really know what he's doing with health care?

Coming into this presidency there were many promises made... What have we seen? Waffling and lies. One of the biggest points that Obama made on his campaign trail was to criticize the previous administration's stand on so many different things. I see results from it but I'm left with a bag full of nothing from this one.

No child left behind, faith based initiatives, winning a war in Iraq,creating a prosperous economy (the resection was consumer caused with credit and houseing overspending not the Bush administration's fault as the democrats are so busy trying to point out while saying we need to be responsible at the same time, talking out both sides of their mouths). One last point to look at is that the dollar is now weaker than ever against gold even after Obama's printing spree with the US dollar which left us further in debt than the spending on the Iraq war that every democrat in Washington has cried about. We have a free country to show for that spending, for the bailout, we have nothing.

So, we hide what needs to be done in Afghanistan, spend like crazy, forget about promises that were made, and try to look good through it all. Is this a PR move or a presidency we are talking about here. It's time to stop the run around and govern. Do what's best for this country and our allies around the world.

America! Wake up! Stop this madness!

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