Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Robots, androids, and thermostats... Lions, and tigers, and bears? Oh my.

Since the announcement by Google that it would be purchasing Nest for 3.2 billion dollars the world has been asking, "What does this mean for the direction of Google?" Since it's start Google has been thought of as a search engine company. Although this has been their key selling point they've actually been an advertising company. Their revenue is earned through the adds placed next to your search results, within Gmail, and in places like this blog.

Because of the great leadership in place within Google they've not been a company to rest on just one source of income. Android came along and has take the smartphone industry by storm. What was once thought of as a geek phone or a hobbyist's phone has become the main stream operating system found on smartphones today. There are more Android smartphones in use today than all other smartphones combined. The reason for this is the openess of the Android software developers kit, the ease of creating apps for the platform and the ease of customization that can be done on the users end to support their tastes and the way they use their device.

Google is also busy purchasing robotics companies, installing fiber for high speed internet access, creating environmentally friendly energy projects, Google Glass, autonomous vehicles, and developing it's own hardware through Motorola. It's clear that this company has an eye on the future. Think George Jetson and you'll see where Google could be headed with all of this.
You know how people today say they wish that they'd bought Apple stock in the 80's? Well, it's looking like Google may soon be the one stock people wish they'd bought in the 10's.

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