Thursday, January 16, 2014

CES, you've changed!

The Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone for another year and we're left dreaming of all the new gadgets and tech we've just seen on display in Las Vegas that may or may not really get produced. You see once upon a time there was this little show that started out and showcased electronics that were actually being made. It all started back in 1967 as a spin-off of the Chicago Music Show. The first venue was in New York city. It wasn't until 1978 that it moved to Las Vegas with it's winter show. It's summer show was in Chicago. Since 1998 it's been an annual event showcasing the cutting edge of technology and the introduction of many of the items we use everyday.
There have been many important inventions on display at CES. Just to name a few we have the likes of the VCR being introduced in 1970, the camcorder in 1981, also in '81 we got our first glimpse of the compact disc, high definition television was there in 1998, the original Xbox debuted in 2001, HD Radio in 2004, and so on. If you want to know what people have been up to in the backrooms of tech companies this is the place to be. Not everything that's seen at CES will necessarily make it to market. Many of the prototypes just don't gain enough demand to take off. But they're still pretty darn cool!
This year at CES we saw everything from the internet connected toothbrush, to wearable tech of all sorts and even crazy dancing animals that act as speakers for your music device... (Maybe not everything that can be made, should be made.)

The main thing to come away with this year from the show is to watch where wearable tech is going to take off to, get ready for everything that can be to be connected to the internet from your home entertainment electronics to your stove, refrigerator and yes even the aforementioned toothbrush, oh and 4k televisions are going to replace that high def television with "Ultra Hi-Def".

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