Saturday, May 31, 2014

Critics come and go, change will endure.

There seems to be very little out there that one cannot be criticized about. It's not enough that people have their own live to live it seems that they never keep them busy enough, they have to somehow fit into yours and busy themselves about with your business. I discovered this today as I was contemplating my place in this universe, green technology, employment, unions, and various other things that came to my mind. It was really a copious hodgepodge of mind muck that I was sorting through in my own way. In short I discovered that sometimes the stream of thought can run so deep that you drown, so I leaped to safety.

Everybody wants to point their finger and wag their tongue at nothing. Being different draws attention and some just cannot having their head pulled. They want nothing to do with anything out of the ordinary. If you disturb their mind numbingly dull day then, "SHAME ON YOU, YOU BEAST!" Such tragedies happen in less civilized local. The more open one is to understanding that it's not about your outward appearance but about what's on the inside, the more one is ready to really understand just who you are. Expression on the outside is just a small part of the story. It's not the same as learning likes and dislikes, or skills and talents of an individual. If we never make it beyond the surface then we will never develop deep relationships with others and really know what makes the people we call friends, family, and co-workers tick. It's such a shame that there exist people of this shallowness in the world yet.

I would go one step beyond all of this to say that if we really began to understand what was deep down inside the people we barely know, we may find we like much more of them that we do and like far less of them than we ought... or something like that. What I really mean is that once we start to know them we will see that they all have hopes, dreams, desires, things that make them laugh, things that make them cry, moments that they want to remember all their lives that just make them do that squinty eyed smile thing (you know the one I'm talking about) and so much more. Everybody has that which they carry with them all over. It's what makes us human. I dare say that it's what keeps us striving to somehow better ourselves. Through our innermost thoughts we are deep down striving to better our lives through one way or the other. It's the magnitude of this strive that differentiates us. Some want to change the world in a better way, some just want to make the evening a little better with a movie and popcorn. Yet, it's all about making something better.

How do you want to better? Let me know in the comments below.

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