Thursday, January 23, 2014

John Legere keeps shaking things up with T-Mobile

Yes, T-Mobile has been making a lot of news worthy moves lately. Starting things off early last year with eliminating contracts. They've moved their business model to one that's almost unheard of in the wireless industry. It's now customercentric. In a business designed to lock in customers to lengthy contracts, poor service, and overpriced data plans T-Mobile just changed the entire game.

As a former executive for Dell, AT&T, and Global Crossing John Legere knows a thing or two about the wireless industry and smart devices. He also understands what his customers are looking for and it's not just another wireless carrier. That's why he started his "uncarrier" approach less than a year after becoming CEO of T-Mobile.
There's no a god-damned person in this world besides a wireless industry person that would understand why the hell this mess works this way.
With remarks that would normally make a board of directors cringe and go looking for a new CEO, Mr. Legere has pushed T-Mobile into the spotlight. The "uncarrier" is using unusual tactics to take away customers from other wireless providers like paying off the contract locking early termination fees from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and a host of others. His method of running things has caused the competition to set up and take notice. Many of them have also started offering contract fee payoffs if you are switching to their services.

In their latest move T-Mobile has decided it wants to be your bank. Well, sort of. They are now offering a pre-paid debit card that allows customers to use direct deposit, bill pay, ATM access, and paper check deposits with the app through their mobile devices all with no fees. With their low wireless rates this works for many of T-Mobiles customers looking to save money that don't have access to a standard checking account at a bank or for those that would like to avoid the fees that many banks charge just for the privilege of having a checking or savings account. While this really doesn't look like a service that would be smart on the surface for a wireless provider it actually could shore up the extra discounts and contract fee payouts they are giving away. This will offer investment opportunities which could lead to network growth and an overall better service provided by their wireless side. Right now it looks like T-Mobile is running on all eight cylinders. As they lead the industry in firsts it will be exciting to see what other innovations John Legere and the team at T-Mobile bring to the industry.

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