Saturday, August 19, 2006

Amazing Grace

We've all heard the song...
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me

I have been thinking about God's grace and what it really means to this world. God is not in any way, shape, or form, under any obligation to provide anything for us. There are no legal contracts that force him to provide a home in heaven or to make Him love us. We are creatures, created by Him, from dust. He is perfect in every way while our nature is constantly struggling against anything that would resemble Godly behavior. Our existence to Him is like a blink of an eye to us, a flower that quickly wilts, or a wave that crests and then is no more. He is outside of time. He is outside of our lives... Now that the picture has been painted think about it for a few seconds.
Strap yourselves in, this is going to blow your mind if you really grasp the concept of what I'm about to tell you. The very same God that doesn't have to, shouldn't have to, and is not obligated to, loves you so much that He suffered for you. I'm not talking about some distant religious dude that died thousands of years ago for a bunch of people... I'm talking about Yahweh. He's the God that created all things, loved mankind and each one individually, enough to come down in the form of His son Jesus Christ to die for you. He died for love. He knew there was a seperation. Man was not able to be with God because of sin and something had to be done about that. He loved you too much not to be with you. The sacrifice has been made.
That's why it's so, amazing. God's grace is just like that. We haven't done anything to deserve anything from Him and yet he gives. He gives His all, for all of us.
The only thing He ever asks in return is our heart. He wants to give you the Holy Spirit as a counselor to live in your heart to help, guide, and comfort you. When we ask Him to forgive us and accept the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross to make that forgiveness possible, then the Holy Spirit will dwell within you.
Wow!! That's life changing stuff right there and pretty awesome.
Please understand that no matter what your prconcieved ideas about Christianity are that it is not about a bunch of rules you have to keep and things that you have to do. That's religion and has nothing to do with the relationship that I am talking about. God doesn't want a building full of rule keepers and pretty white steeples dotting the countryside. He wants you.
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